1. pixelp:

    Skatech + Sci-fi girl.

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  2. "I seriously think you just make these monsters up as we go along. There’s no way an owlbear- *is shown a picture of an owlbear* Ok wow this game is fucking insane."
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  4. avianrecon:

    Raptor Surfing - The curious sport in which smaller birds fearlessly drive hawks & owls out of their territory by being incredibly annoying.

    (All pictures are watermarked to their talented owners)

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  6. rabbiteclair:

    today when driving home I was suddenly wondering: do we find certain animals cute because of some kind of hard-wiring in our brain, or is it a cultural thing?

    like, is there an alternate dimension out there where instead of kitten videos, 20% of videos on Youtube have names like TOO CUTE!!!: HAGFISH LARVA DRAINS ITS MUCINOUS POUCH

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  8. twopunch:


    Guardian Angel countermeasures. Named after the wing-shaped smoke trail


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  10. gravi-teamfalls:

    This season has awesome color styling, and its thanks to our amazing Color Stylist Daniaelle Simonsen!

    Cleanup by Erik Elizarrez, character design by Ali Danesh & Robertryan Cory. Prop design by Sarah Craig

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