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    By Salar Kheradpejouh  

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    The leather thigh-bag on the cover of Batgirl 37 is inspired by the bags made by Jungle Tribe LA!  If you are looking to make a cosplay of this outfit, you’d be best served by visiting their online shop

    These bags are so cool.

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    ❧ new on balderdash! • • • chapter v, pages 77-81 • beginning of chapter v

    Afia intended to journey from Bakunini to the closest port in the River Valley, which was located in an insignificant little town called Löffel. According to her grandmother, this journey up the Merle River would take a little over three weeks. While the port was not particularly far, her grandmother’s boat was not meant for anything other than the casual wandering of a Hermit Seer.

    Life on the Merle was significantly quieter than home. Although Afia spent plenty of time on her own, the absence of distractions like plays, libraries, people-watching, and friendly visits with family made her journey very lonely. Grandma wasn’t much for conversation. Everything she said to Afia either turned into an anecdote or a sermon. While Afia relished hearing it all, it made for poor company.

    At the very least, Afia had a lot of time to think.

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    Meanwhile, in my Gamergate obsession: some prominent Anti-Feminist lady made a youtube video attacking the A&Ws (or whatever we’re calling feminists now); Richard Dawkins tweeted his support of her (and thus of ALL animes ever)— so, weeeeee it’s Richard Dawkins (I like what I heard of the early hits, the “there’s no God" albums, but man, he’s well past his Van Halen’s 5150 album, that guy); the right-wing Breitbart-dot-something guy — whose twitter photo is like a photo you’d see in the window of a low-class barbershop and he also turned out to have some financial scandal type stuff in his past but don’t we all— “discovered” that there was a “secret journalism e-mail list” (i.e. like exist everywhere all the time— I’ve been hearing about secret e-mail lists as long as there’s been e-mail) which is being taken as confirmation that there is a vast game-journalism conspiracy to, like, do … something… involving … like… video games… I guess? …  like something with cheat codes, maybe they’re the people who figure out the cheat codes…?  (I’m still pretty fuzzy on the “who fucking cares?  it’s not real journalism— it’s fucking ‘entertainment-journalism’…" part); and in investigating the "death threats" which gamergate claims Sarkeesian "faked" (#notyourshield), it turned out that gamergate anime type people threatened to fucking bomb a video game convention or hoe-down or something, something very bomb-able, like six months ago where she was receiving an award (#notgoingtoshieldyou fromanexplosion)— gamergate people immediately apologized and realized the error of their ways in supporting a pointless hate campaign that “She shouldn’t have even been getting an award to begin with!” shrieked Yu-Gi-Oh or Robotech or one of the Pokemons, I don’t know, I don’t know who’s who in the anime universe.

    Meanwhile, do you know how many times I have seen an anime shrieking that they’re going to “win” on twitter at this point? Anytime anything happens, an anime yells that they’ll win— sneeze in the morning while still in bed??  They’re gonna win this one!  They’re going to win an inherently nebulous debate on journalistic best practices, versus flawed individuals that are allowed to set and enforce their own policies in a job that when being done half-well, unavoidably fosters relationships between the reported and the reporters….!  And as a result of winning, the world is going to be different in that instead of hearing consumer information about videogames, they’re going to be hearing consumer information about video games, uh, like, ”ethically” or … something… which will be … better… in ways. 

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    Leaf bug (Phyllium giganteum)

    The constant wobbling as they move is a part of their disguise, making it seem as though the “leaf” is only moving because of a light breeze.

    If you blow on one it will also shake around in the hopes of matching any actual surrounding leaves

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  8. Crock Pot Recipes for Fall and Winter


    I love cooking hearty dishes, and warm treats in the Fall and Winter, which is why I also love slow cooker recipes. So here is massive list of recipes that are great for this time of year!

    Soups, Stews, and Entrées

    Desserts and Sweet Treats



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    Akua Shabaka 


    Co-owner of Houseofaama.com 

    (wearing HOA apparel at AfroPunk)


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